“Everything they’re cracked up to be”

Regan Smith (aka Aunt Regs), bought some chickens in the Spring of 2020. After the birds began laying, she began handing out eggs to just about anybody that didn’t seem fowl. That merited a brand and the name was too convenient not to go all-in. Check out the “making of” here.

This project was initially a fun Christmas gift for our little sister, but we go big around the holidays. The cards were printed and hand-cut at home on 100# speckletone cardstock. The cartons are recycled pulp containers, inked with rubber stamps. It was a pleasure to use Hermanos by Erik Marinovich as the main typeface.

Expect to see some more photos as the operation turns into a frequent vendor at the Baldwin City farmer’s market.

Typefaces used: Hermanos, Brush Script
branding, packaging, print