“A Fine Design Agency”

The Hideout is owned and operated by Titus Smith.

He is a failed radio personality, booking agent and band manager. Spent 10 years in Tennessee, mostly indoors.

Early Design
After graduating college with a history degree, Titus worked as a youth minister in Memphis from 2011-15, freelancing as an illustrator and product designer by night. People would say things about his work, like:

“Nice job. Maybe you could do this full-time, somday.”

Eventually, Titus decided to pursue graphic design full-time and quit his job. He, along with his wife and their dog, moved to Texas to begin freelancing. This lasted two months before he found a better job.
Titus was hired as a content designer for the world-wide leader in sports in 2015. He relocated to Connecticut and was promoted to senior designer in 2017.

During his time at ESPN, Titus was privileged to illustrate and write for the flagship website. He also art directed some of his favorite illustrators and still counts this among his greatest professional achievements.

One illustrator Titus worked with once asked him:

“When will I get paid?”

In 2020, Titus quit ESPN and relocated to his hometown of Baldwin City, Kansas with his wife and their two small sons where they still live today.

Right now, the Smith family is building their dream house, in the middle of a brome hay field next door to where Titus grew up. 

The Hideout is a one-man design agency specializing in brand identity design and editorial illustration. Titus is currently accepting new clients and has accepted payment in the form of pickles, eggs and other baked goods in exchange for high-quality design. Everyone deserves quality work at an affordable price.

Feel free to reach out.

Don’t be a stranger.